Jay and Chiseled Creeper are to other people who bully jojocrafty.


Jay likes to be lazy and does not like having to deal with issues and won't help jojocrafty. jay also bring up saying and trying to teach them to jojocrafty and tell him about cycles.

Chiseled CreeperEdit

Chiseled Creeper is a nicer guy then jay he did bully JoJoCrafty a lot in 2015 but in the present chisel creep main does not with unless he need helps what is not how to deal with the others.

chiseled creeper helpEdit

chiseled creeper has jojocrafty with Video editing, recording issues, cycles, ScummVM emulator, dolphin, jojocrafty news website,leaks about Reid and angel,a aaronitmar spy, and much more

chiseled creeper memesEdit

chiseled creeper has some memes. chiseled creeper once in minecraft mistake a mushroom block as a spawner in a trade. chiseled creeper also like to look at porn of Mew from Pokémon. chiseled creeper also wants to kill all the furries.chiseled creeper also has some meme songs on jojocrafty youtube channel.

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