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The sullypwnz history CrafterzPwn! was a minecraft server owned by sullypwnz and aaronitmar. sullypwnz and aaronitmar are two you tubers who made the server so they could play factions so they could have there own rules but they never made any videos they only did one live stream of them editing spawn and got a butch players killed from placing lava outside the edge of spawn. the live stream was not saved so it is now lost media. the server did also lose a lot of players went they never start making YouTube videos and sullypwnz left the server forever and aaronitmar left for a while. also the server had well it had a star...or do we call him a meme...well he is called jojocrafty. jojocrafty was a minecraft user like everyone else but since he raided everyone people got mad and raided him back but he build a new base went they did but some reason jojocrafty could fool the players like reid505,chiseledcreeper and angel212.jojocrafty out smarted them a lot like using texture bug to make money buy selling minecraft mushroom blocks as spawners since a bug with minecraft version with server version who make them both texture less. JoJoCrafty also got banned a few time for destroying The End with a Cobble Monster but then aaronitmar started bullying jojocrafty since he ruined the end but you should not bully someone since they broke a rule that what banning is for. that's all we know about the pass all the west is lost. there is some theory's and private discords still to this day about the server but server is dead and most of players from the server we don,t know where they are these days. jojocrafty is fine and healthy but some of the others are having 2018 jojocrafty did appear in [ aaronitmar's Twitch] chat some a few times but he stoped a while ago.






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